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1-st time offer received by SDK from the server




Active parent applicationInactive application

Screen off 
(without making screen on)

GContext exists? Yes -> InApp HotButton3

SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW? Yes -> System HotButton SS-1081 (  To Do )

No -> Nothing



HotOffer screen displayed


2-d, 3-d time, etc offer received by SDK from the server



Active parent application


Screen off (without
making screen on)
ApprovedByUserSystemNotification1AnyGContext exists? Yes -> InApp HotButton3 
No -> DiscountNotification
DiscountNotification2http://электроскидка.рф/CODE displayed


SystemHotButton (default mode,
1-st, 2-d, etc


GContext? -> InApp HotButton3
No -> System HotButton

  System HotButton2HotOffer screen displayed
ForbiddenGContext? -> InApp HotButton3
No -> Nothing
Nothinghttp://электроскидка.рф/CODE displayed
AllAllowed (1-st, 2-d, etc)PermittedGContext exists? Yes -> InApp HotButton3 
No -> System HotButton 
System HotButton HotOffer screen displayed 
ForbiddenGContext exists? Yes -> InApp HotButton3 
No -> DiscountNotification
DiscountNotification    http://электроскидка.рф/CODE displayed 

1) Can be approved by user in HotOffer screen.

2) If it was approved by user in HotOffer screen.

3) InApp contains Delayed presentation: When App activated lately InApp HotButton will shown if a) offer time left no less than 10 minutes & b) GEO inside radious.

 System Hotbutton: HotButton will appear on top of the desktop or any running application + Sound alert by MediaPlayer. Disappear if offer time expired or GEO outside radious.

InApp Hotbutton: HotButton will appear in the parent (your) application + Sound alert by MediaPlayer. Disappear when offer time expired or GEO outside radious.

DiscountNotification (Notification (RUS)): notification in system area about new offer + Sound alert by MediaPlayer ("Рядом скидка с гарантией!" / "BONUS% скидка на всё в PublicName (CLIENT:DESTINATION_TO метров), код CODE, действует до FinalTime."). Action: open http://электроскидка.рф/CODE

GContext (Graphical context): init  was populated with graphic context & context is still graphic  

Internal variable OutOfAppApprovedByUser is set to false until HotOffer screen displayed for the 1-st time (except AllAllowed).
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  1. Added:
    Delayed presentation
    Disappear when offer time expired or GEO outside radious.

    SystemHotButton (default mode) SA-616 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    Approved by user in HotAccept screen (should be hidden for other sets)